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Friday, January 30, 2004
Super Weekend
I actually composed a post last night—a passive-aggressive rant about being busy at work and squirreling away my extra time rather than putting it on my timesheet because I don’t earn overtime but “comp” time that I can never really use. Yeah, it was that interesting. So I decided I just wasn’t meant to post yesterday. Not about Mia’s hopefully improving lazy eye. Not about our new water heater, or the weather. Not about the Seminoles respectable showing in the Cameron Center. And not even about how hungry I’ve been lately, and how I can’t stop putting food in my mouth . . . even when I’ve just started one course, I have to think about what I’m going to eat next. Yeah, none of that.

I’ve just been busy. I’m actually going to interrupt writing this several times so I can get things done. Just so you know.

The weekend is jam-packed with activities. Saturday, the remaining original members of the band are off to Jacksonville for a daytrip to attend the wedding of our ex-drummer. After I return home and help tuck my daughter into bed, Mr. ADD and others are coming over to watch Ultimate Fighting Championship on pay-per-view. (Mr. ADD tells me this is gonna be a good one.) Sunday, of course, are the Super Bowl commercials. I’ll be spending part of the day with my mom, helping her get groceries, etc. And I’ll be stocking up myself in preparation of playing host for the second night in a row. (Grocery note to self: beer, Diet Coke, chips, dips, Mylanta, Tums, Pepto, other snacks.)