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Wednesday, January 14, 2004
Settling In to Being Only a Little Bit Behind
I’m trying to get caught up on my CD-manufacturing duties. I have a few more to send out from the two previous distributions. And then I have a special CD to finish for someone’s birthday (ahem), and then it’s a brand-new mix that’s heavy with everyone’s favorite “merciful” doomster (and his faithful sidekick, Doktor Avalanche). Oh, but yes. It’s gonna be doom-tastic. Goth-a-licious. Black-o-graphic.


I had to get my mom some groceries during my lunch break. On the way to her house with the groceries, I picked up a double cheeseburger and some chicken nuggets from McDeath. While I ate my artery-clogging goodness, I was watching the Laci Peterson case on Court TV, specifically the defense’s motion-to-dismiss hearing. Fun stuff, really. Mark Gregaros was arguing that the prosecution’s case was ludicrous, and that it’s impossible to believe that his client could have murdered his wife. So, then, the prosecutor gets up and argues his side . . . basically spelling out just how Scott Peterson could have committed the crime and why he’s on trial. In the most sarcastic, asshole way possible.

Man, it was great. I really like that guy (the prosecutor, not the douchebag who murdered his wife or the other douchebag defending him).


My mom and I don’t agree on very much. She’s anti-Clinton and constantly brings up him getting blowjobs from Monica, and then lying about it. I have to bring up that Bush lied about why we should go to war with Iraq, and now hundreds of people have been needlessly killed. (I think Patricia agrees with me on that one.) Kind-of makes a few blowjobs look like not such a big deal, huh?

(And every time I’m there, she blathers on about Hillary, seemingly convinced that I’m a huge supporter. Where does she get this? I know mom's Republican cronies love to demonize her, but why does it fall to me to defend St. Hillary?)

Anyway, mom feels bad for Michael Jackson, and I feel like the guy brought it on himself. She feels bad for Rush Limbaugh, and I feel like the guy brought it on himself. But with Pete Rose, I think we both feel that the guy broke the rules, and that shouldn’t be rewarded. I mean, for Christ’s sake, he bet on his own team. Can you be any more wrong?


There seem to be a few housekeeping chores to do in the ol’ blogroll. A ‘blog or two to drop (extended hiatus / whatnot). A ‘blog or two to add (see if you can find yours). A ‘blog that’s changed its title so much, I’m just going with a pseudonym at this point. I’m trying to add some more hover text, too (Debbie’s post today begged for me to take action on that front). Anyway, there you have it. Enjoy.