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Monday, January 12, 2004
Opinions are Like Kamikazes . . . Everyone Wants One of Mine
I actually sat down to watch the Democratic hopefuls debate from Iowa last night. And I have to say that I have a little more of a “team spirit” that includes the other candidates, meaning I could see myself supporting just about any of them in a crusade for the White House. Because it’s becoming less about getting the best person for the job, and more about getting anyone to replace the guy who’s in there.

But in light of the new allegations by a former White House cabinet member, I don’t think that any of the Democratic candidates (or voters, for that matter) are really angry enough about what’s happened in the past year. Most Americans believe that the capture of Saddam is the end of a dark chapter in the Middle East / Persian Gulf region. But it means nothing. It solves nothing. And it didn’t have to happen. Let’s step back, shall we?

The saber-rattling started in the Fall of 2002 (although it seems things may have started right around the time Dubya was sworn in). The president and vice president began lobbying the international community to have Saddam’s regime in Iraq taken out. They convinced the Congress to back them by giving the president the authority to go to war (as a last resort and with a U.N. mandate). The U.N. fought the president tooth and nail, figuring (accurately) that he just had a hard-on for getting rid of Saddam as a tribute to his daddy, but eventually agreed to back the president’s call for weapons inspections. The inspections lasted, oh, a few weeks before the president decided he’d had enough and dispatched Colin Powell to the U.N. to convince everyone that Saddam has hiding weapons of mass destruction. The American people were slowly convinced, but the U.N. Security Council wasn’t. The president said “Attack!” anyway.

The “evidence” used to convince us that Iraq needed to be attacked focused on Saddam’s imminent threat, his possession of WMD, and his possible connections to Al Quaeda . . . all of which have proven fruitless and not true. Essentially, we have been lied to. In a big, big way. Bush was score-settling, and the used us . . . and our money. Saddam, yes, was a very, very bad man, but he was contained. Meanwhile, Osama Bin Laden is dancing around in the mountains of Afghanistan, thumbing his nose at us and planning more attacks. I mean, Christ, we know roundabout where the guy is, and how much money he’s spending keeping things rolling in Iraq. Couldn’t we have spent tens (or hundreds) of billions of dollars catching / killing him instead of invading Iraq?

How does Dubya fuckin’ sleep at night? Hundreds of soldiers are dead because he wanted Saddam out of Iraq . . . and for no other reason. Now we have a country to rebuild. And we’ve ironically made the country safer for terrorists. All of which makes us poorer and less safe. Gee, thanks, George.

So, yeah, I’m mad. And I want to make sure that the guy I vote for is just as mad as I am.