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Friday, January 16, 2004
I Have to Keep My New-Found Momentum From Being Thrown Off
I Feel so Bad for Making a Not-So-Veiled Reference to Cunnilingus in Yesterday’s Post*

1) It’s Friday. The world is conspiring to throw a wrench into my perfectly oiled machine. To whack me in the shin with a steel pipe. To keep me down, basically. For instance, there’s a lot of work to do that I’m not doing. Not necessarily because I’m doing this. I’m just, y’know, not staying on task. (Okay, let’s not blame “the world” for that one.)

2) Next week is going to be busy, too. Our office doesn’t celebrate Martin Luther King Day. Neither does Michelle’s office. But the state offices do, which means Mia’s daycare will be closed. So, it’s “Take Your (toddler) Daughter to Work Day” . . . again. (And watch your daughter get into everything and get no work done.)

3) I’ve been summoned for jury duty on Tuesday. After being out for three days (and then some) last week, I can see how management is gonna love me next week.

4) We have a show tonight . . . our first in a couple months. Debuting a couple new songs, too. Our band has hitched a ride on the hype mobile (here in town, anyway), so we could get some attention for it. Of course, one of our more-prominent members has professed a need to be drunk for the show, so our performance may be off. Incidentally, there might be a shivving tonight.

5) We’ve been borrowing my mom’s minivan for the past several weeks, because the enviro-friendly Land Rover was making funny noises and flashing funny warning indicators. We were about to take it in to have it looked at and now it’s returned to acting normal (where “normal” is driving / sounding fine, all at 13 miles to the gallon).

6) I’m eating tofu . . . right now. And I’m enjoying it. Something is most definitely wrong.


* This post was created in the spirit of Estella because she can’t, due to a broken computer. I’m just filling a void. It’s been fun. I may keep doing this until she’s up and running. I like being Estella more than myself, actually. (I’ll try and be a man for you, though, honey.)