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Thursday, December 18, 2003
The Tree
You probably aren't surprised that there are rules of decorum when it comes to the Kamikaze Christmas tree. And the fact that we have an artificial tree doesn't really change anything . . . except that no-one can forget to water the tree and transform that symbol of Holiday spirit into a potential fire hazard.

Here are the rules:

1. The tree shall only have white / clear lights, and none of the lights shall blink in any way. (This is Michelle's rule.)

2. After the lights are on the tree, then we put on the shiny balls. Most of ours are silver. These should be spaced out as evenly as possible, and should be positioned so as to reflect as much light as possible.

3. No tinsel can go on the tree because the cats will eat it, and it could kill them.

4. Next come the individual / unique ornaments. Several of these have been collected over the years, and some date back to very early in our respective childhoods.* (The unwritten rule is that you hang those most special to you.)

5. It's traditional for me to drink egg nog while decorating the tree. And usually we listen to Christmas music, but this year we had on a football game. There may have been Christmas music playing, too.


After my parents divorced and I started getting my own Christmas trees, my mother gave me several of "my" ornaments. Some of these were from the "mouse" series that she purchased from a co-worker when she worked for the state. For several years, she purchased three ornaments that had a mouse character: one for me, her, and dad. She’d have our names put on them with the year. The three that I have are from 1982, 1985, and a Seminole mouse (year unknown). The 1982 "mouse" is in a stocking, and it's a pretty sacred ornament. The Seminole mouse is placed on the tree according to how our team is doing; this year, we were 10-2, so the mouse is in the front and pretty high up. (Last year, it was about halfway up the tree, down the branch a little ways, and kind-of tucked to one of the sides of the tree.)


There's a little geek in me that got all hot and bothered when my (non-sci fi / non-fantasy / non-action movie watching) wife IM'd me this message: "i want to go see the lord of the rings this weekend." I'm sure some of you understand. (Now, she did watch the other two, which we now own on DVD. Personally, I wanted to re-watch the first two before seeing the third, but you can't pass these moments up, right?)