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Monday, December 29, 2003
Sweet, Gentle Christmas!
It's interesting to reflect on the past several days in terms of where I began and where I ended up. Like waking up Christmas Eve to realize I still had gifts to buy and how Michelle and I would juggle Mia, do some last-minute shopping, and get ready for the Christmas Day marathon of social engagements. And how I was watching the Steelers and Ravens last night on ESPN, eating Runts and drinking St. Pauli Girl, secretly hoping that Jerome Bettis would run one up the middle and hit Ray Lewis, resulting in a career-ending injury for Mr. Lewis, and then follow that up with a jog up to the booth to punch Joe Theismann in the mouth for . . . well, basically, no reason.

So, you see, not much changed for me over Christmas. And I still have a cold. And Michelle still has a sore throat . . . may be coming down with something worse. But, at least, Mia's gotten over her viral fever (for the time being), even if she also has a cold.

I'm not gonna recount the laundry list of gifts that were received. Because I don't have the time. My boss is out and it's gonna be busy here for the next two and a half days. I'll try and keep up. You, too.