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Friday, December 12, 2003
The Results are In!
Sorry this is later than the promised noon o'clock posting, but I was busily toiling away for The Man.

Here are the winners of the Choppa quiz:

1. Kyle (all five correct)
2. Ryan (all five correct)
3. Mrs. Dayment (four correct)
4. Queen Styro (two correct, but she gets a CD anyway)

I feel a little bad as I've unintentionally disparaged the top two winners. Ryan got "chief-ed" in my congratulatory e-mail, and it turns out that Kyle is a Kansas State fan (or student?). Real shame on the latter, because we here at Kamikaze Lunchbreak refuse to support teams that begin playing Division-1A football teams in mid-October.


Y'know how the Friday after Thanksgiving is supposedly the biggest shopping day of the year? Well, in the Kamikaze household, it's the two weekends before Christmas. We usually have our tree by now, so add that to the heap. It's gonna be a festive hectic weekend!

"Get some!"