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Tuesday, December 09, 2003
Lessons in Emo
Okay, here it is. This is your chance to win a Kamikaze-crafted, Choppa-centric mix CD. It’s all about the emo, kids. That’s right, this CD dishes out some bad-ass melodic rock in the first two “movements,” and then mixes it up during the last two. It’s 17 songs. You want this.

Remember: These questions were written by Amy Choppa. Here we go:

1. Who will never ‘blog you?

2. What is the best week on television?

3. Which animal in the Choppa barnyard represented Spigot Steve?

4. What skill does Amy Choppa wish she had that most boys are born with?

5. Who uttered the quote that first prompted the word “penis” to appear on The Choppa?

You can e-mail (link on the left) your answers to me, or you can lazily put them in my comments. The first three people to get them all correct (as if) are guaranteed to get a CD. If no-one gets all five correct by, oh, this Friday at noon, we’ll go with the first three people that get the most correct.

And, incidentally, Queen Styro gets a CD no matter how well she does. And if she earns it on the quiz, then that’s one less for the rest of you. Yes, I’m a mean bastard . . . sometimes. Go cry to CW and see how much sympathy you get.