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Thursday, December 11, 2003
First of all, today is Michelle’s 30th birthday. Drop her a line. Let’s see if we can max out her Hotmail account with good wishes.


We went to lunch yesterday at everyone’s favorite Tallahassee’s only provincial French restaurant. We were seated next to a large group of XYZ’ers who were sharing the same waiter. And they were loud, too.

Michelle: “Maybe we should start loudly saying obscene things.”

Scott: “So, basically, just start talking.”


My favorite exchange from the New Orleans trip was on the way back. Mr. ADD was half-joking about reasons for breaking up with his girlfriend (who was sitting right next to him).

Mr. ADD: “There’s just too much ‘tang out there. And not the orange kind, either.”

Scott: “Well, some of them could be orange.”

Mr. ADD: “Oh, there would be lots of colors.”

Scott: “So, a rainbow of ‘tang.”


It’s neat how you can check your referrer’s log to see what sites people are visiting from. (Yeah, this is new to me, people . . . bear with me.) So, I clicked on a couple links that I wasn’t familiar with. I’m adding Charlie to my blogroll, as well as Leo’s recommended indie web-comic at Questionable Content. And Kevynn.