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Tuesday, December 30, 2003
Celebrity Deathmatch: Influenza vs. The Common Cold
I've had this goddamn cold for over a week now, which is fine . . . until I start getting a sore throat. I mean, I'm okay with not breathing, really, because I can always snort some nasal spray before I go to bed. But a sore throat? It sucks.

Michelle's had a sore throat for almost as long as I've been congested / sniffly. And she stayed home yesterday with what appeared to be the flu. Well, last night, my throat started hurting a lot. And I was tired. And achy. I had a rare headache (albeit a mild one). So, I'm thinking flu, right?

I took some Tylenol Flu Nighttime gel-caps and awoke feeling somewhat refreshed this morning. And now I know that the sore throat is related to my cold (i.e., drainage . . . a word you could surely do without, right?). Anyway, I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. I just want whatever the fuck it is I have now to be over with already. Or something.