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Tuesday, November 11, 2003
Stats that Shape a Weekend (Revisited)
Time Spent Waiting (Outside) for Door to Open for Death Cab for Cutie Show: 1 hour, 25 minutes
Birthday Parties Attended: 2
Poker Winnings: about $3 (after giving away $2.50 in nickels)

I was going to write about the Death Cab for Cutie show this past Friday night and how we waited with all the ultra-hipster youths/college kids for the doors to open at the club that doesn’t sell advance tickets to shows. Maybe I would’ve told you about all the Red Stripe I had, or how I thought Mates of State songs all sound the same (and perky to boot).

I was going to write about the birthday parties we went to (sister-in-law and niece), and how we had pizza and cake at one and how I had to skip out after presents at the other because I was trying to squeeze in a band practice.

I could’ve written about the poker game Saturday . . . how I actually won a little bit of money. Perhaps I would’ve written something like, “It really helps when you get decent cards.” Or, “Paying to see the flop, even when you’re holding crap, is sometimes worth it.”

It might have been poetic for me to write about our Sunday-morning stroll around Lake Ella with Mia, and how we forgot to bring bread to feed the ducks, and how good my breve mocha was (surprisingly, considering). Really a nice time.

Anyway, I would’ve written about all of these things if I hadn’t been so goddamn busy yesterday. And, today, Mia’s daycare is closed and neither of us have it off, so I’m carting her around with me. She’s napping right now. I just finished reading the redlines for an Environmental Site Assessment report that one of our clients wanted last week. It’s going out tomorrow.

So, rather than write any of that stuff, I’ll just write this: I’ll write more when I’m less busy.