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Monday, October 06, 2003
Yeah, so I missed you all on Friday. Michelle and I were handing (our sick baby) Mia back and forth while we tried to put in a few hours at our respective jobs. Plus, Michelle was getting ready for a two-night stand with Girls on Film at a club on Panama City Beach. I stayed home and didn’t do a lot. But I discovered some Truth along the way:

-- Listening to a sick baby cry on and off for two and a half hours on a Friday night when you’re the only parent present will make you five shades of insane. You may even temporarily contemplate staying at your in-law’s.

-- You notice how when you see someone speeding and riding dangerously on a motorcycle, it’s usually not someone on a Harley, but rather some douchebag on a souped-up racing bike? And don’t get me started on people who ride fucking scooters. (Yeah, that was a joke for Queen Styro.)

-- Speaking of the Queen, she sent me a few CD-Rs (with recorded music), plus this book. For those of you keeping score, it’s Styro 2,309, rest of Blogworld, 6.

-- I think I watched more baseball this weekend than I had for the previous 32 years. Seriously, I was watching like I actually cared. I watched the Red Sox dance away from the brink twice, and watched the Cubs take another step toward destiny by beating the Braves. Now, if we could only flush the Yankees out of the post-season, all would be as it shouldn’t be . . . which would be good.

-- It was a bad weekend for other sports. The U.S. women’s soccer team lost to Germany last night, as did my mighty Steelers . . . the latter was the most embarrassing. Getting blown out by your arch-rivals? In your own house? (Yeah, not a word from you, either.)

-- I miss my dearly departed pillow (Michelle called it “the Contagion Pillow” because it was stained in all sorts of ways). I swear I’ve had that pillow since I was five. Anyway, I had to buy a replacement this weekend and, apparently, you can’t buy a pillow that firm anymore. (Michelle says the contagion made my pillow more supportive.)

I want to say thanks to SJ for the ear-infection-remedy tips, even if I didn’t take them. And I don’t think you’re a hippie at all. Not with that hair.