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Monday, October 27, 2003
Please Buy Our Trash, Please!
I’m one of those people . . . the ones you hate. I’m one of the people that you don’t really want to be, but you feel bad for not being. That’s right, I’m a “morning person.”

I don’t advertise it, really. I’m not particularly proud of the fact. I just function better between the hours of 6 and 8 a.m. Without coffee, even.

Sometimes, it’s an inconvenience. Like at my job, where I’m doing a lot of reading. I structure my workload so that I do my heavy-duty reading in the mornings. All my mindless word-processing / formatting tables / print production work gets scheduled for the afternoons.

Anyway, this skill (mutant ability? superpower?) came in handy this weekend for the garage sale. We got together with Michelle’s parents, her brother’s family, and one of the in-laws’ neighbors for a multi-family sale. At the in-laws’ house. For some odd reason, I woke up at 5:20 a.m. (alarm was set for 6:10) and immediately started thinking of things I had to do, so I got up.

I made nifty signs for our larger items, most of which sold: elliptical/ski exerciser ($18), computer (monitor, CPU, speakers, keyboard, and mouse . . . $32), rocking chair ($8), and Sega Genesis / Super NES (two systems, with some games and extra controllers . . . $23). I kind-of feel like I let myself get talked down. Which is fine because we made about $100 selling crap that was just taking up space in our house.

The highs and lows:

-- Driving past Starbucks around 6 a.m. and seeing that it’s dark (i.e., not open). I continued on to the Circle K to get some machine powder coffee-like thing (Cinnamon Cappuccino) with a third of the caffeine. (Somewhat low)

-- I had the computer priced a la carte (in case someone just wanted the pieces) and as a package ($48, with printer). I didn’t figure anyone would really want the CPU by itself, so I priced it at $5. Some guy actually bought that first. Then he came back 30 minutes later and wanted the rest. He talked me down quite a bit. He mentioned something about how they were donations for some youth program. (Luckily, I don’t keep porn on my computers . . . not that one, anyway.) So, I sold the computer for a little more than I wanted for just the monitor. And he paid with two rolls of quarters and seven dollars (after paying $5 for the CPU earlier). (Pretty low)

-- Having two people who wanted to buy our rocking chair at the same time. The first one was this guy who asked me how much I’d take for it (priced at $12). I said $10. He started to balk, until this woman showed an interest. She really wanted it, but he was “first.” He talked me down to $9, then $8. The woman said she’d pay me $12 for it. But, for some unknown reason, I sold it to the guy because he was “first.” That won’t happen next time. (Definitely low)

-- The guy who bought the rocking chair apologized for aggressively haggling while the nice woman with the slightly British accent wanted to buy it for what I was asking. “I wasn’t tryin’ to Jew ya or nothin'.” (Lowest)

-- After pocketing my share of the loot, I only had to load up a printer, pasta maker, and some clothes of Michelle’s and Mia’s that were late additions. (High)

And y’know what? We’re doing it again next month at another house.

Making extra cash for selling junk is cool. Next time, I’m gonna haggle less. Because the score was: Bargain Shoppers 12, Scott 3.

Next time, I’m gonna win.