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Friday, October 31, 2003
One Time, I Dressed Up as a Lion
Yeah, welcome to the Halloween edition of Kamikaze Lunchbreak. I'm just killin' time until I can go get my drunk on before the Girls' big show. And then it's off to bed, 'cuz I gotta get up early for my disc-golf tournament.

Perhaps I revealed too much. Er . . .

Mia's been sick and out of daycare for the past couple days, so when I haven't been taking care of her, I've been working. Or sleeping. Certainly not entertaining you (not that I do much of that anyway). I'll try and catch up on it next week. And finish my CDs. Really, you people are high on my list. Just like I am . . . on your lists . . . with my bad haircut and Land Rover.

I suck. Have a great weekend.