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Friday, October 24, 2003
Drive By
If, while driving, I make a gun with my hand, point and you, and make the “PSSSSHHH” sound with my mouth, it means you’re driving like an ass-clown. Really, stop it.

Even if you don’t see or hear it, I’m gunning for you.


I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I don’t remember my dreams much. However, yesterday, I woke up with fragments of several disparate dreams . . . or parts of the same dream.

Let’s see, there was a parking lot adventure, where four of us (I don’t remember who, exactly) were in a car and we were trying to convince the driver that she was too drunk to drive. (This is after she took the car, which was not an off-road vehicle, out of the parking lot and into the woods.) After much debate, she finally relented. And then a waitress from the bar brought out drinks for us.

There was another part where a group of friends were, for some reason, discussing Michael Jackson. “What a fucking freak!” someone said. And I replied, “Yeah, you know he’s gay and he’s gonna get married again just to prove he’s not. Like that guy who married Liza Minnelli.”

And that’s when I noticed that Lisa Marie Presley was in the room. I told her I was sorry.


Since Father’s Day (look at your calendar . . . a long, long time ago), I’ve had this $50 gift card to AMC movie theater, given to me by my mother. Michelle and I don’t have (read: make) a lot of time on weekends to see movies, but I want that to change when this movie comes to town. I don’t need to tell you why (do I?).

Oh, I want to see Kill Bill, too.


That poem from yesterday, if you must know, has very little basis in reality . . . my reality, anyway. I wrote down some images after a drive up to Atlanta. Around the same time, that first line came into my head . . . from where, I do not know. The poem really wrote itself after that.

I'm going to stop promising things here, but I can promise that more poems will be posted.


Halloween is almost as important to Michelle as Christmas. Tomorrow night, we’re hosting a Halloween dinner for her bandmates, for which Michelle created individual invitations and has put together quite an ambitious menu. Neither one of us is really proficient in the kitchen, so it’ll likely be an interesting dinner.

After dinner, we’re watching the requisite scary movies. One of them will most likely be 28 Days. Another suggestion was The Others. And, of course, there will be a silly zombie movie . . . y’know, like the cherry on top.

Have a safe weekend, everyone. Yeah, even you. Especially you.