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Friday, October 10, 2003
The Departed
The ol’ blogroll is in a continual state of flux, isn’t it? The latest round of changes includes some new addresses for older ‘blogs, a newly added ‘blog, a ‘blogger back from hiatus, and a few cuts. Sadly, the ‘Poo will be leaving us, too, but I haven’t dropped her from the blogroll . . . out of respect. Yo.


Yeah, so I’m really busy at work. I’ve been trying to tie up some loose ends so that I can leave early. Michelle and I are driving to Orlando to see Interpol. It’s likely that I’ll be posting this five minutes before I leave.


In the course of getting some projects out of the way, I took a report home to work on last night. There I was, reading about chlorinated-ethene plumes at a drycleaning site, and having a drink. Really, all work should be like this. If I can’t drink during company time*, then doing work at home necessitates drinking. Sound good?

And if you have to ask what I was drinking . . . I mean, really.


Speaking of drinking, tomorrow is the ultra-huge FSU vs. Miami game. ‘Round about 4 o’clock, I’m either gonna be buzzed and elated, or drunk and pissed off. If you’re not rooting for FSU, you’re the fucking Devil. Got that?

The fucking. Devil.

(* Actually, every now and then – like when we won the big contract from NASA – they’ll come around with beer. Or, sometimes, we’ll have a happy hour on Friday afternoons. There’s really something to be said for kicking back at your desk with a beer.)