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Wednesday, October 29, 2003
Dark and Mysterious
So I mentioned last week that there was going to be a Halloween-themed dinner party at our house over the weekend, and there was. I didn’t want to post about it until I had some pictures; likewise, I didn’t want to promise pictures unless I was going to get pictures. Well, I got the pictures, and they wouldn’t interest you that much, really. Sorry. No cats, no inflatable dates, no nudity, no people lying in their own puke. Just people posing for the camera.

The party was a success, though. Michelle’s invitations said to dress “dark and mysterious,” so we did . . . except for Mr. ADD, who wore jeans and a Culligan t-shirt. I thought I looked spiffy, although the picture doesn’t do me justice.

We had four bottles of wine on hand as alcoholic appetizers for our witches’ brew (a cauldron and huge punch bowl, both filled with a vodka / rum / pineapple juice / orange juice / Sprite concoction). And then everyone else brought wine.

For dinner, we started with salad, and followed that with pumpkin soup. And then was the main course: citrus red snapper with baked sweet potato chunks. The sweet potatoes were al dente. For dessert, Michelle made a chocolate pudding / mousse graveyard which was covered with crumbled Oreos and had Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies as tombstones. (There was a picture for this one, but it didn’t really do it justice.)

After drinking, teasing, eating, drinking, gossiping, stepping out to watch the fifth overtime of the Tennessee-Alabama game, and drinking some more, we adjourned to the living room to watch this movie, which, I must say, is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Really, it’s not bad in a good way, either. We commented several times on how horrible it was, and that it’s sad that someone, somewhere, is proud of it. I mean the girl who was the star probably puts this high on her resume.

I don’t think we had enough alcohol on hand to sustain the party after that. Things fell apart as we tried to make the transition from the movie to SNL’s Best of Tracy Morgan.

So, if you’re breezing through Tallahassee, we have a cauldron full of fruity liquor in our freezer. And it’s frozen. So, stop by and we’ll chip you off a large piece.