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Wednesday, October 01, 2003
The Birthday (With Lots of Link-y Goodness)
The day started much like any other Saturday: I took Mia to my mom’s, while Michelle went out to run errands. The goal was to get Mia good and tired so that we could feed her and put her down for a nap over at Michelle’s parents, where we were meeting around noon for pizza and cake. (That part of the plan worked pretty well.)

Michelle had already made me a red velvet cake, which is one of the few I’ll actually eat. The cake was amazingly huge . . . four layers. Before it was cut, I posed behind it, using my head as a point of reference.

So, we had pizza and cake and I collected my bounty. We socialized some, until things turned (as they so often do) to politics. Then it was time for good-byes.

Later that afternoon (after a trip to the mall to do a Converse All-Star switcheroo), we met up at Durango’s with a good many of our friends. There were two-for-one drinks, which apparently didn’t extend to Michelle’s top-shelf maragaritas. We were at the restaurant for a good two and half hours. (I love this picture of Ms. Jazz Hands; Michelle took it holding the camera over her head and “aiming.”) In the end, we were waiting around for a checks when they brought me the fried ice cream which, you can probably tell from my expression, I was hoping to avoid.

After dinner, we adjourned to the Kamikaze house, where everyone seemed to be in a rush to get their drunk on. (I hadn’t even begun drinking at that point.) We were trying to formulate a plan and, of course, no-one could agree. When we finally decided to go to the Space Bar, people started mixing their “road drinks.” (Yeah, don’t try that one at home, kids.) That’s why Counselor Cleavage put some rum and Coke in the dickie sipper.

The Space Bar is on the back side of the ever-popular, ultra-hip Waterworks. It’s hardly ever crowded and it’s smoke-free. Our lead singer works the bar there, and she was settin’ me up with drinks all night. (I lost count, but I think it was something like two pints of Newcastle and a few bottles of cider. I really meant to have a kamikaze, but it slipped my mind . . . I wonder why.) We listened to organ versions of standards and 80s pop faves (the “Hungry Like a Wolf” sing-a-long was a highlight).

So, that was my birthday, in a nutshell. Here’s the loot:

-- a pair of Converse All-Stars (from Michelle)

-- CDs by Saxon Shore, Mogwai, The Prids, The Swords Project, Radiohead, Landing, and another Mogwai.

-- DVDs of The Two Towers, Chocolat (somebody strayed from the list for that one), and Lair of the White Worm (ditto, but she didn’t have a list, and this one was more appreciated)

-- Lies, and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them by Al Franken

-- a couple of big-ass Civil War books

-- a fifth of Crown Royal and a Pittsburgh Steelers flask

-- a home sushi kit

-- a bunch of Border’s gift cards

-- a Target gift card

-- money

This concludes the birthday-related post(s). Hope I met everyone’s expectations.