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Tuesday, September 09, 2003
Where Good Ideas Go When They Die
I've somewhat emerged from the dark cloud of "work" that's been hanging over my head. I was tying up some loose ends this morning, which is why there was (is) no real post today.

As the title suggests, I've had some good ideas of things to tell you and/or do here, but they're evaporating into the ether as we speak. Here's a list of the ones I can remember:

-- I posted the picture of Mia yesterday to: a) show you all what a beautiful baby Michelle and I have, and b) experiment with those basic HTML skillz . . . which I will need if I want to post pictures from my upcoming birthday weekend. (I'm sure some of those will one day be admitted into evidence as "Exhibits A through J.")
-- I was gonna recount my exchanges with Michelle during the Dubya's "begging for money" address Sunday night. Oh, wait, it's really quick, so I can do that one. We just added "of terror" to the end of all the sentences he missed.
-- I was gonna (not) tell you about poker the other night . . . how I lost $20 in this space of just three beers.
-- I was gonna (not) tell you about the football pool I'm running . . . how I'm 20-25 overall and eight games out of first place for the season. (Yeah, we're picking against the spread, Sport-o.)
-- I can tell you that after 20 games of chess at Yahoo!, I have a rating of 1156 and my record is somewhere around 6-13-1.
-- Friday night, my band is playing with Michelle's band. I'm picking up my mother and taking her to the show. Oh, and we're going to see Mogwai Saturday night. (They probably won't play "Helicon 1," so I'll skip wearing the Depends.)
-- I sent in a recipe to Cooking for Losers, but it will probably never be posted.
-- They play Bardo Pond a bit much on my college radio station. Don't they know that I'm not lounging on shag carpeting, baked out of my mind, and reading comic books? No? Well, I should clue them in, then, huh?