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Monday, September 22, 2003
What Are Those Dark Circles Under Your Eyes? Are You Wearing Eyeliner? And What’s With the Hair?
Was it an eventful-but-quiet weekend, or an uneventful weekend spread across several different locales? I’ll go with the latter. It was definitely out of the ordinary, but not in an exciting way. Anyway, much was learned. Here are the highlights (in bullets):

-- I learned that while fish lie dead on the beach, crabs will eat their eyes.

-- I learned that being away from your wife and child for 24 hours is not freedom. Not unless “freedom” somehow equates to going from being lonely to spending hours with your incessantly chatty mother . . . which is quite the opposite of lonely.

-- I learned that when I “go all out” and “dress up” for a special show (our drummer’s last with the band), I end up looking like I did in high school . . . big hair and all-black clothes. Plus eyeliner. I don’t have a picture to post (yet), but imagine a blond Robert Smith . . . with a goatee. (Hey, at least I didn’t wear the lipstick, too, for Christ's sake!)

-- I learned that, despite having not been to the movies in several months, I will invariably choose to watch Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines at the cheapie theater. I was with my mother, and I didn’t want to see something that Michelle and I might go see . . . in the off-chance that we have a free moment on a weekend . . . sometime. (This won’t happen for the next several months.)

-- I learned that, if you finally put Kansas State on your football pool and eliminate the spread so that you pretty much have to pick them over the injury-riddled Marshall squad, they will still find a way to fuck you by losing. If I haven’t said so before, let it be known that Kansas State sucks hard.

Okay, I didn’t really learn anything. Except that I really, really shouldn’t be wearing eyeliner.

Actually, I think I still have some of it on me. That's what my boss said.