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Wednesday, September 24, 2003
Sneaking Out
Ms. Crab (or is it just Snowshoe now?) posted some questions on her blog a day or two ago, and the first one asked about a memorable episode of sneaking out from your past / high school years.

Now, I was a good, obedient adolescent (once I emerged from my shitty-ass rebellious phase between the ages of 11 and 13). I didn’t start smoking, and I rarely tried to steal alcohol. But one time, my best friend (now Mr. ADD) convinced me to sneak out with him and his girlfriend, Liz. He’d been sneaking out here and there, and it was now becoming a habit. On this particular night, Liz had invited her friend along (whose name I can’t remember), so my friend wanted me to come, too.

I think we were both 15 at the time.

I think he told me he’d be coming to my house around midnight, or 2 a.m., so I stayed up as long as I could, talking to my mom and drinking Jolt cola. When I “went to bed,” I was wired from the caffeine and anxiety about sneaking out.

I can’t remember what time things kicked off, but my friend showed up in his sister’s car (a mid-80s silver Nissan Sentra). He drove us to his girlfriend’s house and parked down the street. They came back to the car five or ten minutes later (after the window-knocking-and-tip-toeing-out routine). We then drove out to Killearn (what passes for upscale in 1980s Tallahassee) to pick up “the friend.” I drove from there . . . I think so my friend could make out with Liz. We passed a cop going the other way on our way out of Killearn, and I almost had a panic attack.

I can’t remember much about the actual night. We were out until four or five in the morning. I think I made out with “the friend;” actually, I think we went out at least one other time (when I could legally drive) because I seem to remember stripping my Volkswagen’s clutch backing out of her driveway. (Yeah, strange that I can’t remember her name.)

My friend went on to lose his virginity to Liz within a few months. The lesson here is that someone's first kiss can lead to the first everything by sneaking out regularly.

Now I'm more glad than ever to be a parent.