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Wednesday, September 10, 2003
Oh, Yeah . . . I’m Covered in Sweat for You, Baby!
I spent my lunch break (one of my favorite parts of the weekday) receiving our furniture. Not fun. Really . . . this whole experience has not been a joy, and I really don’t recommend it to anyone.

It started about ten weeks ago (the last Friday in June). That’s when we paid the balance on our five-piece furniture set that we bought on Ebay. It was new, and the dealer promised delivery in four to six weeks (no, this wasn’t guaranteed).

I was checking in periodically, worried that I was gonna miss an e-mail telling me the furniture was being shipped. “No, we’re still waiting.” Four weeks, five weeks, eight weeks. Finally, we got notice (two weeks ago) that it was coming from the manufacturer to the dealer. Then there was another delay. When the dealer got the furniture, they shipped it to a regional distributor who routed it to a residential-delivery company.

Everything was moving in slow motion. I was supposed to pass along my wife’s anger and frustration to everyone along the way but, once it was out of the dealer’s hands, it didn’t seem appropriate.

So, long story short, the furniture was finally delivered today at lunch. I had to un-crate it and help move it in. Michelle helped, too. By the end of the whole process, I was soaked with sweat (yeah, it’s cooler, but it’s still summer and still fucking Florida). I’m sure Michelle was feeling less-than-fresh.

Hopefully, a day or two down the road, we’ll start to feel good about this adventure.