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Wednesday, September 03, 2003
Okay, so Paul Hill has about five hours (from right now) until he's due to be executed. For those of you living under rocks, he's the guy who killed an abortion doctor and his escort, gunning them down with a shotgun.

His supporters have been sending live bullets to several people in the Florida government and judicial system. People on the other side are worried about making him into a martyr for the anti-abortion cause.

I say they shouldn't execute him. At 6:01, they can let him out of the death chamber. Walk him outside to a car to take him back to his cell. And maybe, just maybe, before he gets to his car, someone could shoot that motherfucker with a fuckin' shotgun. Just him, and not his escort. Shoot him and make it messy. Because if you're gonna put a martyr's face on violent protest, make sure it's splattered all over the place.

Couldn't the guy have just immolated himself in protest, and spared two lives and some taxpayer money?