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Tuesday, September 02, 2003
In the Kingdom of the Blind, the One-Eyed Could Very Well be Blind for All You Know
What’d you do over the long weekend? More than I did, I’m sure. Michelle was rockin’ in Pensacola with her band Saturday night, so I spent half the weekend jet-setting with Miss Mia. I got to see some family from Augusta that I don’t normally see. I got to watch some football. The whole family went for a swim on Sunday. All in all, it was an average weekend, with some bonus coverage.

Here’s what I’ve got goin’ on for the rest of this work-week:

-- I have interview questions to write for three people (Leo, Kat, and Amy Choppa).

-- I was going to post my most-favoritest writing exercise on Patricia’s messageboard for some people to try.

-- Finishing up those 90s CDs. (I had an error on one of them, so I have to re-burn it. Crap.)

-- Get the football pool updated and ready for this weekend. (Hopefully I'll do better this time. Crap.)

-- Oh, yeah . . . work.