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Thursday, September 25, 2003
How to Get Out of Debt
Several months ago, when I discovered The Simon, I read a brilliant article titled “How to Go Bankrupt.” You should go read it. It’s a story, of sorts . . . not an instructional / inspirational puff piece. (Go on . . . you won't be disappointed.)

Anyway, I thought about that article today while I was finishing up the application for our consolidation loan. No, the Kamikazes aren’t gonna cop out and file for bankruptcy. And we’re not going to go through some agency that negotiates lower payoffs. No, sir. Because we believe in paying every penny we owe. (Which is a lot of pennies, as it turns out.) So we’re gonna roll that into one giant lump. And finance it for several years. At an obnoxiously high rate.

The Kamikazes currently have three credit cards, three store cards, and a line of credit at our credit union. In a few weeks, we will be down to one credit card and a huge-ass consolidation loan. It’ll be nice to only have to write one check every month, rather than six.

I also think back to when the ‘Poo (under her previous persona) claimed that she'd be friends with anyone who had more debt than her. Well, Michelle and I should be her best friends forever.

Or at least for the next seven years.