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Friday, September 12, 2003
How I Know This Town Isn’t Big Enough for Both of Us
We went out for sushi again last night with A and R, as is the Thursday ritual (until we can’t afford to do so . . . which has really been the case for weeks now). Anyway, Michelle has band practice, so she always leaves before the check comes. So, once we paid our checks, we headed for the door.

I was carrying Mia, so I handed the diaper bag to R, who passed it to A citing a need to go to the bathroom.

Outside, we walked toward the Kamikazemobile. We passed a woman who I saw do a double-take out of the corner of my eye. She stopped and looked at us.

“Hey, is this yours?” she asked, referring to Mia.


She glanced at A, who quickly interjected, “Not mine!” (The woman seemed to remember what Michelle looked like.) “What’s her name?”


We exchanged our “Good to see ya’s” and went on our way.

Once the woman was safely inside, A asked, “So, was that an old lover?”

I paused for a second. “Actually, that was the person I lost my virginity to.”


Michelle and I run into her every now and then, with all involved surely hoping for a quick exit / trap door / worm-hole. I mean, geez, you’d think almost a decade and a half of time would help to make it less awkward, but it always seems quite the opposite.