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Friday, August 15, 2003
The Weekend “To Do / Not Do” List

This weekend, I will:
-- think of three stories/vignettes for this game
-- start working out the details of this season’s football pool
-- start working on my birthday list
-- finish filling out the planning calendar(s) for this Fall, including Mia’s birthday party, show dates for our bands, the Mogwai show (in Tallahassee, no less!), the Interpol show, a beach trip, my birthday party, Richard and Allison’s wedding, and Michelle’s 30th birthday trip to New Orleans
-- start evaluating various possessions for their garage-sale potential
-- work on getting the house clean(er)
-- continue working on my recently rediscovered “novel”
-- drink a respectable amount

This weekend, I will not:
-- send fan e-mails to fellow bloggers that mention Matthew Perry or my up-and-coming commenting system
-- spend my personal money on anything but alcohol
-- drink as much as Princess Kitty (check out the tiara)