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Thursday, August 21, 2003
It's the Little Things
Ah, the week of crises continues.

Last night, Michelle called me at band practice with a report of Mia's high fever and trouble sleeping. Pulling at her ears. Trouble breathing. With the help of Tylenol and extreme fatigue, she eventually went to sleep. Of course, her parents didn't sleep very well worrying about her.

This morning, I took her to the doctor. I was in and out of that place in 25 minutes. Let me repeat: 25 minutes . . . in and out of the pediatrician's office. And there was nothing really wrong with her--chest, ears, and throat all clear. Just teething, maybe a touch of the cold.

Do I have to blow someone for that one?


A couple people have recently posted about their one-year blog-i-versaries. Well, mine is this Saturday. Here is how it started.


Once again, I'm working on my stories for tomorrow's "Pick the Falsies" challenge. I'll try and post them around lunchtime, but I can't promise anything with my workload. I'll do my best.


If the world seems a little darker, it's because their are goth/olde wave/club/dance CDs in the mail to five or six of you . . . if you are even reading this. Anyway, the next CD was gonna be a survey of late-90s radio. And then it became what I was listening to between 1995 and 1999. And then it just got out of control. I was collecting songs (y'know, from my *coughcough* own CDs), and realized I had too many for one CD, so I bumped it to two CDs. I kept finding and remembering more songs. More collecting, arranging, cataloguing. Last weekend, I did a count of the songs for the CDs: 58. Fuck.

So, now, I'm gonna do three CDs. And since these are for me first and you second, I'll do a couple/few of each CD a handful of you will get one (randomly chosen). E-mail if you're interested.