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Tuesday, August 26, 2003
Enter the Lunchbreak
It was a run-of-the-mill weekend here at the Lunchbreak . . . okay, less than average on the alcohol consumption, but still pretty tame. Well, except for Mia’s birthday party on Saturday. And date night (in the spirit of the ‘Poo) after that. Oh, and some poker Friday night. Besides all of that, I’m pretty positive nothing of note happened . . . on Sunday, anyway.

Anyway, here’s a smattering of things that have passed through my brain in the past . . . um, 108 hours:

-- There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who make their turns using both hands, keeping one wrapped around the wheel at all times, and those who use only palm pressure.

-- Whenever I go into just about any business establishment, I wonder when the last time someone had sex there. This weekend, I had that thought at the Hungry Howie’s pizza when I stopped by at a slow period. There was the manager guy and a reasonably attractive girl making pizzas. I totally knew that they were going to throw down at some point that afternoon.

-- I suck at chess. Switching from Go to chess (at Yahoo!) in a sad attempt to boost my self-esteem has not worked. At least I have cribbage to fall back on.

-- I can’t stop thinking about playing poker.

-- When people bring doughnuts or cookies or some other crappy confectionery to work, that shit disappears in a couple hours. But when someone brings a red velvet cake, no-one wants it. What the fuck? I’m not the one that brought it, so my feelings aren’t hurt. However, my stomach will be hurtin’ because I’m damn-sure eatin’ that motherfucker!

-- It’s refreshing to hear a Motorhead song on the radio that isn’t “Ace of Spades.” Okay, maybe refreshing isn’t the right word.

-- It’s strange how you e-mail Jules at her standard address, and she replies back (quickly) from another address. If you reply to her at that address, you get no response. Is that just coincidence?