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Tuesday, July 29, 2003
Things You Should Know
I made a big decision over the weekend . . . kind-of an affirmation.

I’m tired of watching my life spiral out of control. And watching my creativity spin down the toilet. And watching my relationship with my family degenerate into a Cold War. And surrendering our house to a permanent sty.

I’ve decided to take control. To do something. To clean. To steal back the creative juices of my youth. To kiss my wife each morning and night and make sure she knows she’s loved.

Sunday night, I turned off the T.V. after Sex and the City was over and went to our private library of high-brow literary works. I pulled off the copy of Things You Should Know by A.M. Homes. I got it for my birthday last year (from two people) and I’ve yet to read it.

This is just the beginning.


I hate drama, and I’m not talking about the thespian variety. I’m talking about the out-of-hand miscommunications, or non-communications, that threaten the very fiber of all personal relationships. Where words are exchanged (or not exchanged), and feelings are thrown into the open in a torrent of raised voices and tears (or hidden under a dirty, cat-soiled blanket of resentment).

And, really, nothing feels better than clearing the air and cleaning things up.


It kind-of sucks to rediscover something in your e-mail inbox that you were supposed to take care of weeks ago. So, I will now quietly be putting this quarterly update letter together for our client.

One of the attachments is actually a monthly update memo that I also never sent out.


Why can’t the Democratic Leadership Council just let things sort themselves out? If you feel that Howard Dean isn’t “centrist” enough to win the presidency, or even the nomination, why can’t you just let the voters decide? Don’t fucking whine about his increasing popularity to boost the sagging numbers of your lesser “centrist” candidates. (Paging Joe Lieberman and Dick “Captain Charisma” Gephardt.)

Can we step away from the Establishment thinking for a sec? It’s this kind of meddling that props up the status quo and makes people wary of the whole political process. Running to the middle and embracing “centrist” ideals is what the home stretch is about, right? Trying to win the nomination is when candidates court the party’s base . . . in your case, liberals.

What’s the worry? If Dean can’t beat Bush, Kerry probably can’t either. Sorry to burst your (er, our) bubble.