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Monday, July 14, 2003
Things You Should Know
I had a good weekend . . . maybe not as good as The Queen, but good nonetheless. Here’s the rest:

-- I have a six-game winning streak going in cribbage at Yahoo! games. (Wanna make it seven, motherfucker?)

-- According to Michelle, I flirt with lesbians.

-- Speaking of Michelle, we went on a walk with Mia around our “neighborhood” yesterday. I thought the houses around ours were more slum-y, so I was pleasantly surprised to find them merely old and unattractive.

-- I’m looking forward to this fall so much. In fact, I’m already thinking about which weekends I want to have cookouts/parties on game days. (It looks like we’re gonna be out of town for the FSU/Miami game . . . in Atlanta so Michelle can see R.E.M. Dammit.)

-- I was sad that Charlotte and Harry broke up on Sex and the City. I heard there are gonna a couple weddings to end the series. And David Duchovny is going to be in a handful of episodes. I think Miranda and Steve are going to get married. But not Carrie and Berger, and not Charlotte (and anyone). Any thoughts?