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Thursday, July 10, 2003
The Stew of Thursday
Hey, let’s get political for a sec. (Yeah, I had to visit Jared’s site to remember how to do that.) I’ve been passively keeping up with the Dems in their heated, dramatic battle for campaign dollars. Yeah, thrilling. Anyway, Newsweek had a piece recently about Howard Dean’s skillful use of the Internet for fundraising and how he’s widely being viewed as a frontrunner, given that he’s outpacing the other Dems in money.

So, the article went on to say that the other candidates are laying off coming out and attacking him for various strategic reasons. It reminded me of how the political games are played building up to primaries and elections. And, being that it’s a game, perhaps one day they’ll lay odds on it in Vegas and you’ll be able to actually bet money on who’s going to win various primaries.

Yeah, the buildup to that wasn’t nearly worth the payoff. Shit, maybe they already do that kind of thing . . . those gamblers will bet on anything, right?

Still, I feel a little removed from the action. A friend of mine is actually involved with the Young Democrats here in town. I passed up a $35 Dean fundraiser to eat sushi (about $35, with Michelle). Priorities?


I like how Rummy was referring to the WMD as “weapons of mass [stumble] murder” in his speech yesterday. Stellar, there, fellas.

Show of hands for those of you who figured that, when all was said and done, we’d be justifying the attack on Iraq to improve the lives of its citizens? Because that’s what it’s amounting to. And now, by those standards, there are dozens of countries we should be attacking, right?

I mean, damn, we’ll be attacking ourselves soon.


Someone’s car alarm keeps going off in the parking lot of the TGI Friday’s right next to our building. It’s making me want to KILL. THAT. DUMB. ASS. WITH. EACH. GOD. DAMN. HONK.


Well, I didn’t want my radio there, but I moved it back to where it was previously so that I could get my college radio station back. It’s coming in about 90 to 95% static-free. I was going to go insane if I had to listen to one more Avril song, or Faith Hill song, or Counting Crows covering Janis Joplin, or that godawful Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow collaboration. I was going to fucking die, right here at my desk, after ripping out my own heart, if I had to listen to any more of that.


There’s another CD in the works, kiddies. This one’s gonna be a dance/club mix . . . goth, industrial, darkwave, and new wave. Yeah, not for everyone. Most of the songs are the same ones I used to drunkenly stomp around to in dank, smoky clubs a decade or so ago. Now, I’m going to offer them to a handful of people, and then I’ll have a quiz to distribute a couple/few more. (If you take and do well on the quiz, then you’d probably enjoy the CD.)