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Wednesday, July 09, 2003
Oh, How We Fight
One of the more interesting things I saw over the weekend (besides my life flashing before my eyes as I was bobbing helplessly down the Ocoee River), was the car fight.

You see lots of great things while driving. But how often do you see two people fighting in a car . . . in the middle of the road?

At first, I was only partly paying attention. About half a mile ahead of us, there was a red Chevy (a Beretta or Cavalier) stopped in the left lane of the other side of the highway. I guess I thought they were making a left turn; however, there was nowhere to turn, and there was no median separating their lane from ours.

So, as I’m speeding towards them at 10 to 15 mph over the speed limit, I see a person get out of the driver’s side and run around to the passenger's side. Still, I’m not thinking much about it. Then we got even closer, and I noticed there was a commotion inside the car. The “driver” and “passenger” were wildly swinging at each other. And the car was moving. At this point, I was very close to the car, which was starting and weaving and stopping and starting again. I never did make out exactly what was going on in the car; I was kind-of focused on driving by the time we got right next to them.

As we passed (safely) by them and continued on, I thought about calling the police. I looked in the rearview mirror repeatedly for the next minute or so (before we went over a hill) to see if anything was resolved, or if anyone else stopped.

I checked the paper to see if there was a story that may be related to it, but nope. Should I have done something other than drive by? I ask you, Internet.