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Friday, July 11, 2003
I'm Such a Good Little Blogger, I'm Gonna Link the Entire Goddamn Planet!
Instead of scrounging for work this morning, I decided to surf ye ol' Internet. And rather than just reading a handful of blogroll sites that always make me feel slightly inadequate about my own blog-worth (or blog-value), I stumbled onto several new (to me) sites that made me feel slightly inadequate. So, in review, slightly inadequate + slightly inadequate = more inadequate.

Here--in the patented, easy-to-read, bulleted format--is a summary of my morning:

-- Went to Amy's site to see if she had responded to my comment about the missing cameras for teams Taco and Burrito (ya just had to be there, okay?). She is/was giving away cookies to people who commented on this guy's site. I enjoyed it, so I'll likely add him over on the left.

-- While I was commenting, I read Melly's comment that made reference to salad tossing. Of course, I had to go there. It turns out her site is infinitely more readable than the drivel you find here. She's got a kid, too. He's cute. So, references to salad tossing, use of the word "cunt," and baby pictures. Why are you still here?

-- I proofed some figures, did some letter production, took a call from my mother-in-law about how Mia's doing (she has a cold . . . thanks for asking), lost the college radio station I had just tuned in yesterday after a two-month absence, and took a call from my mother who's having her carpet replaced today.

-- Went over to Queen Styro's place. She had a link to Whitey. Funny stuff . . . and strangely like me. Except better and funnier. And younger. Man, fuck him.

-- Went over to SJ's place to see how her fundraising is coming. SJ's going to take part in a 24-hour Blogathon later this month, and she's raising money for Bookaid. She's taking topic ideas for the Blogathon, during which she will have to update her site once every 30 minutes (at least) for 24 hours. Y'gotta respect that, right? Also, you can't beat the penis-o-meter.

-- I've been thinking a lot about Michelle. This has been a strange week for us . . . really busy and full of distractions. And now we're both getting colds from Mia, who's had a cold all goddamn week. Michelle mentioned a couple nights ago that she was thinking of starting her blog back up (if she could get her template set the way she wanted). So, leave a comment to motivate her!

That's all I have now. I have to pee. And play some Yahoo! games.

Yeah, I didn't link to the whole goddamn planet. What're you gonna do?