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Monday, July 21, 2003
I find it a little unsettling that you can start a 'blog to tell everyone about your quirky life, your snarky witticisms, and stories from your past. And then something truly awful happens in your life. I've seen some of that on other people's sites, and now it's happening on Julia's. Send some positive thoughts her way.


I know you guys didn't think I was talking about myself up there. I mean, my life is pretty boring, I have nothing really snarky or interesting to say, and the stories of my past are slightly less boring than I am now. I mean, Christ, was the highlight of my weekend drinking key lime pie martinis at Waterworks, watching Stealing the Superfortress on the History Channel, or playing disc golf by myself? Actually, it was probably spending way too much money with Michelle and Mia at Target when I was still a little hungover . . . which I almost mistyped as "hungever."

Let's define "hungever," shall we? Is it a state of hangover-edness that just won't go away, or being really well hung?