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Friday, July 18, 2003
Hot or Not?
Wait a sec . . . I’m not askin’, I’m tellin’.

(This idea was borrowed/stolen from here, not here. Or here.)

-- Saxon Shore
-- these Girls, especially the redhead (no, the one on the far right)
-- that the Girls are making their debut at Floyd’s Music Store tonight
-- the temperature in this God-forsaken city
-- getting behind-the-scenes scoops via IM from this person
-- when Julia actually updates her blog more than once a week
-- that she’s back (her trip to Providence wasn’t so hot, though)
-- Thursday-night sushi (okay, sushi in general)
-- a baby daughter’s smile, even at 5:45 in the morning

-- my motherfucking sinuses
-- Anna Kournikova
-- the New York Knicks
-- people over 80 driving anything other than a golf cart
-- having no creative motivation (it was even a challenge to do these goddamn lists)
-- our nifty war in Iraq (I bet the soldiers think getting picked off one by one ain’t so hot either)
-- the fact that I’ve lost two of my past three cribbage outings . . . after my much-vaunted six-game winning streak
-- anything or anyone on Entertainment Tonight (actually, that whole fucking show sucks)
-- paying $35 a week for dinner every Thursday night
-- being poor and in debt (or, rather, poor because you’re in so much debt)