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Wednesday, June 25, 2003
Scott Speaks Out Against Blogging with a Two-Beer Buzz
Good God. Michelle leaves me alone for a few hours, I get a couple beers in me, and WHAMMO . . . instant drug confessions. I literally wrote that as I was typing it, really on the fly.

I felt a disclaimer was needed.

I am a father . . . in most senses of the word. I haven't partaken in any illegal substances in at least a couple years, and then it was the one that should be legal anyway. And I'll never do acid again (I promise).

Really, I'm not tweaked out, strung out, or stoned even a little (right now).

I think this calls for a debate: Which is more damaging to the health, culture, and general well-being of the United States population . . . alcohol or marijuana?