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Thursday, June 26, 2003
The RIAA is My Enemy II
I've been getting really worked up over the course of the morning. Yeah, I really mailed that letter this morning. (And, no, I didn't put my full name or my full address . . . although I almost did to dare them to fucking bring it!)

I wish I had the sac to organize a grassroots campaign to keep people from buying major-label releases (new), to keep people from tuning in soulless commercial radio stations . . . to avoid supporting the status quo that we are so fucking beholden to. And to do all this without advocating stealing. I mean, just ignore the major labels altogether. Don't buy, don't download. Just tune them out entirely.

Leo's post today was about spreading disinformation (in a humorous way). And that got me thinking of some disinformation that I've been thinking about, and I was wondering how much truth there is in it:

The RIAA (and their major-label partners) want to keep you from file-sharing because they're afraid that you'll discover independent artists that are superior to their glossy, homogenized, market-tested tripe and you'll start buying records by Death Cab for Cutie and Juno and shunning the latest from their bands.

I know Queen Styro is on board. Any other takers?