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Monday, June 09, 2003
The One Where Scott Does Something Very Un-Gay, and Then Settles Back in to Being a Total Gaybo
I did three things this weekend that you didn't do . . . I can almost guarantee:

1. I watched Ultimate Fighting Championships (#43) on pay-per-view. By choice. At my house. (My best friend is a UFC fan. I was just being a good friend. Okay, that's a lie . . . I was drinking beer and yelling at the TV.)
2. I screamed like a little girl and swatted a giant spider off my leg while playing disc golf. (An errant throw went into some foliage. Going in to retrieve it, I walked through a spider's web. When I realized it, I looked down to see what looked like a spider with a 3-inch legspan. I have to qualify that because I immediately shrieked, swung a frisbee at it, and gaybo-galloped to safety. Yes, I'm so manly.)
3. I saw Kathy Bates naked . . . in About Schmidt, which I thought was a pretty average movie. (It kind-of makes me wish I could see a life-altering movie soon.)