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Wednesday, June 18, 2003
My Life is Just One Great Big Endorsement Deal . . . or Not
I won't ever get a $90+ million deal like LeBron James. Shit, I won't get even a five-spot to blog about a product. But I had a recent Consumer Reports moment.

See, it started at Christmas. Michelle got me a some razor / CD wallet / shaving kit combo thing as a stocking gift. (Not blaming or judging; it was one of those I'm-done-shopping-oh-one-last-thing gifts.) It was a glorified promo item from Gillette. Now, I use their Mach III Turbo to shave with because the disposable razors weren't cutting it (you can take that literally, if you wish). Anyway, it came with a travel-size can of Gillette's shaving gel.

Now, I'm Utilitarian. I use whatever I have on hand, unless it becomes a problem. Well, I've used Edge shaving gel for years. When my can went empty, I started using the handy Gillette gel. Well, it started crudding up my razor. I couldn't just rinse it off when I was done. The Gillette gel combined with my facial hair in a very obstructive way. And when that can ran out, I switched back to Edge and it's been smooth sailing ever since (although I did nick myself this morning).

There you have it. Guys, if given the choice between Gillette and Edge shaving gel, pick Edge.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast, which is hopefully more entertaining. (For me, it's my mom sobbing on the phone. Dear God.)