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Friday, June 13, 2003
Kick It!
Got a CD in the mail yesterday from everyone's favorite sassy hoochie-momma-banged hipster, Styro. To quote an older post of hers, it'll "rock [your] tits off!" I think many of the people reading this probably received one also, but it was cool nonetheless. So, I'm adding her to my list of recipients for KL, Volume 3 . . . and not just because she's sending her neglected flat iron to my gay ass.

So, my CD's done. I did 10 copies last night, and seven are spoken for. That leaves . . . yeah, you do the math!

Here's the deal: Barring any unfortunate incident/accident, I will be posting next Monday between 12 and 1 EST (or is that EDT?). If it turns out that it's a quiz, merely participating qualifies you to receive a CD. If it's a regular, standard-issue post, just respond. The first three people get CDs.

Now you've been warned. I don't want to hear any whining that you didn't have any notice, or you'll get a copy of KL, Volume 4. And you probably won't want that as much as this one . . . a blended mix of 80s hits and more recent fun hits, broken into three "sets" punctuated with bits of silliness. The CD features four King Missile songs, my favorite song of the 80s, songs with "ice" or "winter" or "cool" in the title, and songs with "sex" or "penis" or "cock" in the title.

You know you want some. See ya Monday.