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Thursday, June 05, 2003
I'm Too Busy for Long Trains of Thought. Plus, I Have a Short Attention Span
A girl stopped by our office this morning to ask if we needed any reception help. She asked me, as our full-time receptionist is out today, and I happened to be sitting in the large conference room (off the reception area) proofing changes to some engineering figures. I told her that I didn't think so, because we have a full-time receptionist (apparently not today), but that I was not the person to ask (you can't get much lower on the org chart than me).

Now, she was a little chunky, but I don't make fun of fat people like that meanie CW (yeah, that was a joke). But, when I told her that she could leave a resume, she said that she didn't have any with her . . . that she had just woken up and left the house (or something like that . . . I wasn't really listening).

So, I have to make fun of her for that one. Coming to inquire about job openings without a resume? Don't they teach that sort of thing in elementary schools by now?


Remember how I was gonna cap my blogroll at 30? Well, what the fuck am I supposed to do now that Vectorgirl, IA, and . . . er, well, now there's Shampoo Solo? Plus, I stumbled onto another funny blog this morning (yes, before I started working).

So, you're on notice . . . especially you people towards the bottom. Say "Hi," link me, or at least be funny. (Hint: Admitting to thorough enjoyment of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire" aren't endearing you to me. Try harder.)


I've surfed Pete Beck's site a few times recently, and saw repeated references to Blogshares, where you can trade options on your fellow bloggers. Now, yours truly isn't being traded. Nor is the aforementioned hater. But Julia is. And, of course, Sarah B. I didn't check Enemyster*, but I'm thinking about signing up just so I can buy up those "shares" when they become available, because the hate is growing exponentially. And hate sells, my friends. Hate sells.

(* I didn't realize there is going to be another Enemyster. But they're doomed to be second-best, I'm afraid. Too bad, fuckers.)


It's the Summer of Love . . . at least, in the realm of CD trading and file-sharing. I'm getting ready to put together Kamikaze Lunchbreak, Volume 3, which will be an ultra-fun collection of party favorites, with a decidedly heavy 80s flavor and more than a couple King Missile songs. I don't know how to decide who to send them to. I'll have copies earmarked for Jules, Ms. Dayment, and possibly Rob. I may post a track listing and have interested parties contact me. Or something.


While I'm touching on file-sharing, I'll let you know that I'm planning on writing a super-venomous letter to the RIAA about the issue, touching on the ridiculous $0.99-per-song thing at iTunes (and other sites). When/if I actually complete this expository dagger, I'll post it here and here.


I want to stand alongside that new/old blogfriend Ms. Solo by thanking the FCC for giving broadcasters license to expand their mind-control experimentation via commercial radio/television. Having trouble competing with cable and internet broadcasts? Try improving the quality of your programming, Toolbox. C'mon, instead of funneling millions to the lobbyists, why don't you try hiring some fucking talent?

So, get ready some more deep probing, bloggers.

"Assume the position!"