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Thursday, June 19, 2003
How We Get from Pier One to Skinheads
When Michelle and I got married, we asked for gift certificates to Pier One so that we could buy some furniture. Using those, plus opening our own account and going totally red, white, and blue American (i.e., going hellishly into debt), we purchased an entire living room set, plus some. We also purchased a bed from Eddie Bauer and an entertainment system from Sears.

That was five-and-a-half years ago. The bed is still holding up. So is the entertainment center, although I'm tired of looking at it. But the Pier One stuff? Well, its time has come.

We recently won a bid on Ebay for an entire living room set. It's a five-piece black leather (composite) set. We could have it in the next several weeks. So, now we're rearranging to prepare for the new arrivals. And that meant that the Pier One stuff is being phased out.

Actually, the pampas chair and ottoman are already out by the street. Both had been repeatedly victimized by our cat (Archie). No amount of vinegar was gonna help them (thanks for the tip, Queen Styro). Those, along with a cat throw, were filling our house with a distinct piss smell. The couch has taken a couple shots (sprays), but we can ride that one out until the new stuff arrives.

It seems that if we stay in one place long enough, we get into a habit of rearranging our entire abode every six to twelve months. We started the process last night. In addition to ejecting the chair and ottoman, we moved the black bookshelves from our office into the living room. Next to those (on the back wall), we moved my record collection and most of my CDs (also on black shelves). Now the back wall of our living room is pretty much black . . . with books, records, and CDs.

Another thing: We have a moderately sized collection of books, and many of them are really good. And many of those are unread. I think we both recognize that we need to read more; Michelle commented that that was part of the reason she wanted the shelves into the living room. I was rereading One Hundred Years of Solitude and got bored. When I get it back from my mom, I'm probably going to reread Memoirs of a Geisha. I got the latest A.M. Homes collection for my birthday last year, so I need to read that. After that . . . well, I know a fag hag who's full of suggestions.

Oh, skinheads.

Here. My boss e-mailed me the link. Funny stuff.