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Wednesday, June 11, 2003
Grunt and Trickle
I was over at JR's site, and he had a post that touched on Depends Adult Undergarments. That reminded me of something . . . quite the opposite.

At my previous job, there was a V.P. who apparently had some sort of prostate problem that made it difficult for him to urinate. When he was using the urinal, he would lean against the wall making all sorts of noises to let everyone nearby know that he had to really work at it just to get a few drops out.

Of course, my friend and I gave him a nickname: Grunt and Trickle.

The guy wasn't very pleasant, either. He always had a really sour look on his face. After peeing next to him, I understood why.

Sometime later, though, he seemed to be more human. And, sure enough, the next time we were in the bathroom together, he was pissing like a champ. I remember feeling very happy for him. Because no man should have difficulty peeing.

I had an allergic reaction (I think) to Nonoxynol-9 once, and I thought I was pissing fire.

In summary: The ability to "pee freely" should be a right, not a privilege.