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Monday, June 02, 2003
Eighties Night
Girls on Film, the band that Michelle plays drums for, had a show Saturday night. They were the second of four bands.

The first band, Broken Sound, played up-tempo indie rock with a brilliant keyboard player. To be totally blunt, they put on a good show, but without their keyboard player, they'd be just like 95% of the other radio-friendly indie-rock bands. (As I was watching them, I was thinking, "Man, I could so see these guys on M2.") Anyway, they played a cover of A-ha's "Take on Me" in their set, and gave a shout out to Girls on Film. (That rocked.)

The girls played a great set. The crowd ate it up. I'm suddenly the less-important musician in the house.

Next up was the local "It" indie band, Believe in Toledo. They rock pretty good, but don't vary the tempo much. I'd never seen them play, but I enjoy their songs when I hear them on the radio. Still, the live show was a little lacking (not in energy, but diversity). Their cover of The Cars' "Just What I Needed," though, was fucking awesome.

The headliners were the much-hyped, much-lauded Revolution . . . a Prince cover band. Everyone who's seen them raves about them. I'd missed them the first few times they played. For guys that are used to playing much harder music, they pull off the Prince songs with surprising finesse, sounding only a little like a bar band playing Prince songs. The singer (a new-rock white boy) pulls off a pretty decent rendition of Prince's voice.

So, that was the night in a nutshell. No real crises to report. I only had a couple ciders to drink.


Now, if you're still reading this boring-ass post, you can check out the Girls on Film website here. The girls have code names . . . Michelle's the one playing drums. There are pictures from all of their shows, plus a section of pictures dedicated to our Mia. I'm in scattered pictures (playing guitar and badminton). I could link directly to them, but they're ugly. So if you really care, you can go find them.