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Monday, May 19, 2003
Weekend in Review
Yeah, no more stats. I'm sure you're heartbroken.

The weekend as a whole wasn't all that eventful. Some disc golf on Saturday afternoon, followed by some soccer-watching. I watched Equilibrium with my friend Alan that evening, and then watched the Mavericks eliminate Sacramento from the NBA playoffs. Sunday started with more disc golf, and then hanging out with my Mom and Michelle's parents most of the afternoon while Michelle was in the studio recording with her band.

Yeah, we're rock stars. Actually, the weekend started off with a show for my band on Friday night. What's it like to be a rock star? The short answer is, "I wish I knew . . . okay, no I don't." The long answer goes something like this:

I got off work at 5 on Friday. I didn't have to pick Mia up from daycare because Michelle's parents were keeping her for the night, and they'd already picked her up. So, I went straight home (arriving at 5:15). I had to be at our practice space at 6:30 to pack up our equipment, and that's a 20- to 25-minute drive from the house. So, I had to change into my rock star clothes. I opted for the buttoned-up outfit . . . glossy-cotton Banana Republic shirt (olive) with black khakis. (I opted not to wear the custom-made, airbrushed Little Mermaid shirt this time.) I put on my good-luck accessories, including three jelly bracelets (two black and one glow-in-the-dark) and a chain bracelet I wore back in high school. The mistake came when I put on the boots Michelle found for me at a thrift store. They're pretty swanky, but they're at least a half size too small.

After I got ready, I decided to find something to eat later, rather than wolf down a Lean Cuisine. So I left early.

We got to the venue at 7, which is when we were supposed to be there. After we got our equipment in, all we had left to do before we could leave to eat and drink was carry our two amps and a keyboard on the stage as our "backline." We couldn't do that until the headlining band showed up and did it first. And then the next band. I hate prima donnas and bands that aren't punctual. (To be fair, the band that loaded onstage before us were all present and had their equipment ready to go.)

We were due to go on at 10:25. It was after 8 when we got off the stage and ready to eat. Michelle showed up and a group of us walked over to Pitaria for some Greek food. Our drummer had never really had it, so that was an adventure for him. I went with my standard: gyro (light onions), raw pita fries, and a soda.

Next up was our traditional stop for $2 pints at the Irish Pub, which is next door to the venue. (To put this in context, Floyd's is part of a multi-unit complex on The Strip across from FSU's campus, so there are a half dozen bars/clubs that share a parking lot.) Anyway, the Irish Pub is usually pretty laid back but Friday night, they were inexplicably charging a cover ($3). WTF? I've never paid a cover there, particularly not at 9 o'clock. The students are out of town, people. Grab a clue.

After a Harp and a half (Michelle and I split one) and a couple games of pool, it was back over to Floyd's to greet friends and get ready to play (i.e., drink more). Bands get half-price domestics, so I had a couple Bud Lights.

The set went okay. Everyone gave us positive feedback. Shortly after we'd loaded off the stage, our friends had mostly left. I stayed behind with our keyboard player to wait for our share of the door money, which meant sitting through the other bands. Can't really describe the horror of this. The band that followed us was straight-up, old-school metal, which is a lot more genuine than the new rock shit that most bands here play. The headlining band was godawful. But we toughed it out, entertaining ourselves by making fun of people. (Yeah, we're pricks like that. But my boots were fucking killing my feet, so I had to channel some hate. That's only fair, right?)