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Friday, May 23, 2003
Sushi Thursday
At the oft-referenced Lucy Ho's here in Tallahassee, they have a sushi Happy Hour on Thursday nights. Sushi and drinks are cheap. We've made it part of our weekly routine. Our friends (R and A) said they were going to go every week, so we started going, too. (Not as "tagging along" as it sounds, really.)

For some reason, Lucy Ho's isn't the most popular place to go for sushi. It probably has something to do with their reputation for being a Chinese restaurant, and the fact that there are two or three other places that make doing Japanese sushi and hibachi-cooking their thing. We just turn our back on those other places. Why? Well, mainly because they have the magical Sunshine Roll that no other place has.

The Sunshine Roll is kind-of like a tempura shrimp roll. It has fried shrimp, scallions, and cream cheese. It has the rice on the outside, and it's rolled in shaved almonds. And it's the fuckin' bomb. We get it every time we go.

I didn't start eating sushi until I was 23 or 24. And I didn't start eating seafood until a couple years before that. I started with the cooked/semi-cooked rolls (Hurricane and Philadelphia). I quickly learned that I didn't like salmon. Or avocado. (So, there goes about two-thirds of my choices.)

I started branching out a couple years ago when we went to Lucy Ho's and they had fatty tuna flown in from Japan. It was, like, $12 for four pieces of traditional nigiri. After that, we started straying away from rolls.

Last night, for instance, we ordered the following:

2 salads (peanut dressing for me, ginger for Michelle)
1 order of three dumplings (me)
1 bowl of egg drop soup (me . . . I hate miso)
1 order of Sunshine Rolls (split)
1 order of spicy tuna rolls (me)
3 pieces of tuna
2 salmon
1 shrimp
2 eel
3 red snapper

My stomach's rumbling again.

Now, add to that conversations about glory holes, condoms in hedges, coming home to find your 13-year-old daughter having sex, and various Jell-o shot adventures, and you're at dinner with us.