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Monday, May 05, 2003
Stats that Shape a Weekend
Miles from our house to Michelle's sister's apartment: about 300 exactly
Number of CDs purchased: 4
Number of six packs taken to CW's house: 2

Ah, the road trip . . . that enduring tradition that binds our country together. Families, too. This weekend, we drove up to Atlanta to see Michelle's sister, Julie. Actually, we went to shop more than anything. Luckily, Julie was with us.

We left after work on Friday. Before we even got out the door, I managed to shave off half of my right eyebrow. (Don't ask.) Michelle's parents saw us off. Considering Mia was unhappy at not sleeping through her untimely pooped diaper and then The Storm from Hell we encountered south of Atlanta, it was not so bad. (Really, I prepared for the worst . . . tired baby screaming the whole way up. So the downdrafts that nearly blew us off the road several times, the buckets of driving rain, and lightning bolts striking constantly on either side of the interstate reminding me of the tornado weather I’d survived in Upstate New York didn't throw me off too badly.)

Saturday was full of shopping and bargain-hunting. Julie treated us to lunch at The Vortex in Little Five Points. I bought CDs by Kinski, Melochrome, and a couple of Atlanta bands (Ocelot and Nineteen Forty-Five). On the way back to Julie's apartment, Michelle and I had a fun debate on whether or not she needed to buy another pair of jeans. After a short nap for Mia (and more shopping for Michelle), we prepared for the visit to Chez CW.

Now, CW already blew his own cover by revealing that there is a Mrs. CW, and that he has sissy drinks in his fridge. For the record, there really is a Mrs. CW, and she is very nice. And we did see the sissy drinks in the fridge, but they were mostly for the missus. (Also for the record, we brought the decidedly unsissy beverages in the form of Red Stripe and Harp.) Reportedly, there is a second refrigerator (which we saw) that is full of beer (which we did not confirm).

We were treated to rotisserie chicken and some real-world stories from the C-dubs. We got to see their great house and amazing TV (yeah, I'll let CW tell you about that one . . . suffices to say The Matrix experience after we returned to the apartment would've been more complete on his TV).

By the way, there really is a waterfall behind their house.

It must have been strange for them to be hosting dude from internet, his wife, their baby, and his sister-in-law, but it was all okay. I mean, that's what the beer was for, right?