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Tuesday, May 20, 2003
My Mouth is Open. Now Bring It!
No, not that. Had my six-month dental check-up today. It was actually six months this time, too.

Now, unlike Caitlin, I hate going to the dentist. I mean, I like my dentist; he's a really nice guy. The hygienists are great, too. But there's always some crisis going on in my mouth (not sword-fighting). I'm not flossing well enough (read: at all). And then there's the metal instruments, which always remind me of Dead Ringers (yeah, the tools for mutant women).

Anyway, today's appointment went pretty well. My gums were puffy but not too much of a crisis. Tartar was somewhat under control. No cavities. So I'm feeling pretty good.

Of course, I'll feel better going to the dentist next time. And then I'll need a root canal. Or six cavities filled at once (yeah, I've been there, done that). Or an extraction (fun . . . wasn't it, honey?).