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Thursday, May 22, 2003
Diet is "Die" with a T
Which 80s cartoon was that from? Garfield?

Anyway, I'm sure you heard about the studies that were done on the Atkins Diet. How the short-term results were at least as encouraging as the standard low-fat diet. Well, I wasn't swayed.

But after a couple conversations with Michelle's mom, I'm experimenting with a modified Weight Watchers diet. She has the point values for all the foods and the daily allowance ranges for various body weights. Mine? Well, I'm at 181 pounds, which allows 22 to 27 points (or, the copyrighted POINTS).

So I've been tracking my eating this week. I'm averaging around 43 points a day. I eat crap . . . and in big portions. I was stunned to discover that I routinely have two servings of cereal for breakfast. I wasn't so stunned that Taco Bell for lunch was a bad idea (y'get that CW-ian reminder of your run for the border all afternoon).

Michelle's mom says that I would have a hard time following the program. I figure if I've been eating this bad and my weight hasn't been rocketing up, then shaving off a few points (er . . . POINTS) a day will help. Maybe I can get down to 35, or 30.

No, I'm not going to start doing yoga or eating lots of tofu. Shit, I can't even drink diet soda. I just need to eat less of the bad stuff, period.

(Yeah, this post infringes on all kinds of copyrights. Eat my ass.)